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the public sector to become modern

Create an effective organization that is good to work for.

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The 5 Whys Problem Solving Tool

It helps to identify the root causes of problems and address them. If you get used to using this tool, problems will stop happening and your organisation will become more efficient.

Free of charge

Gemba Walks insight gathering tool

If you're a manager, use this approach to try out different roles and see for yourself how and what works in your organisation.

Free of charge

Problem Solving Tool "A3"

This approach helps organisations to de-ballast their operations and continuously improve. And it encourages a comprehensive, structured approach that is suitable for solving complex problems.

Free of charge

Analysis method "SWOT"

It helps you assess your internal and external environment, identify areas for improvement and make fully informed decisions.

Consultancy, services and training for public sector organisations_LEANERS

Are you a state or municipal organization?

We also have experience in the public sector, so we understand your challenges well. Let's talk!

Clients_Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Lithuania

Prosecutor's Office of Lithuania

The main operational processes were identified and analysed, factors determining the workload and time norms for actions were determined, and a methodology for deciding workloads was prepared.

Clients_State Tax Inspectorate

State Tax Inspectorate of Lithuania

Training has been provided to teams on simplifying processes and enhancing efficiency. In collaboration, over 20 operational processes have been reviewed and plans for their improvement have been devised. Sessions to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement have been conducted.

Clients_Government of Ukraine

Government Chancellery of Ukraine

The employees of the Government Chancellery were trained on improving operational processes, a process improvement methodology based on LEAN principles was created, and process improvement pilot projects were implemented in the Ministry of Education and the Department of Civil Service.

Clients_Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania

Ministry of Environment of Lithuania

The teams of the bodies subordinate to the Ministry - the State Protected Areas Service, the two Directorates of Protected Areas, and the National Land Service - were trained on how to simplify processes and increase their efficiency. More than 15 operational processes were reviewed together with them, proposals were made, and organizational strategies were developed.

Clients_Vilnius municipality

Vilnius municipality

We reviewed the operational processes chosen by the client, and made suggestions on how to increase their efficiency. During the project, we generated proposals to increase service delivery speed by more than 25 times.

Clients_Vilnius Public Health Office

Vilnius Public Health Office

The organization’s mission, vision, strategy, and values were helped to be created, strategic projects were prepared together with the office team, an employee suggestion system was implemented, an employee engagement survey was conducted, and budget planning and asset management processes were improved.

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Our approach

We believe that the public sector can and must constantly improve in order to better respond to the needs of society. Cooperate with us - adopt the best practices of the public sector and achieve visible results.


The State Food and Veterinary Service is a project participant

"The training is very informative and useful for understanding the process. The visual layout of his steps allows you to see the insignificant steps and understand what is really important. This is advanced training that changes attitudes. I would like all members of our organization to participate in such training."

The State Service of Protected Areas is a project participant

"The training is useful because it forces me to look at my work and the organization where I work from a new perspective, to find ways to perform tasks more efficiently in my daily activities, at work. The lecturer is patient, diplomatic, has no prejudice, 10 out of 10. One of those rare cases when the training is really useful."

The State Tax Inspectorate is a project participant

"It is useful when another person looks at your coordinated processes - a competent external expert. An opportunity to discuss, listen to arguments and check whether changes are being made in the right direction."

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